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General photo of Judah Lewis

General photo of Judah Lewis
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Hi Judah Just stopped by to say hey I miss you a lot One day I got to tell you this Dream I had of you in heaven. Wow i really love you a lot too.Can't wait until your 16 cause that A.O.C on the east coast Hope you come to CT or VT or even New York one day. Love you so much and miss you badly, Tc until we talk next time can't wait to see you in the baby sitter 2017. Looking forward to seeing you I pray one day we seriously meet for real. I am keeping you close to my heart.

Hey Judah Sweetie Ok Yes ur cute but, I only stopped by to wish you a Happy Easter.

Just wanted to let you know that I wished you a early happy 16th birthday. I just though you should know I watched a video of you being interviewed. Love hearing your voice sometimes it just makes my day. Just wanted to let you know I thought of you today and I really hope one day you come out to Connecticut so i can just say "Hey"

Just Hope today you had a gr8 day!

Hi Judah Lewis Sweetie, Funny I keep having these dreams that involve you some how.Maybe it's those specials gifts you have to draw people closer to you. But, I just thought it would be nice to stop by and wish you well. I hope you day is going well.and Btw it's Asa Butterfield b-day. Yeah, Wow, a while ago and i can't understand this but,I had this weird vision/dream of seeing you and he at some camp. I was working on that Angel painting of you I'll explain everything when you reply back to this message, Hoping you having a beautiful day my lovely friend. tc for now.

Just wanted to stop and wish you well. I always like to stop by and give you some inspiration about yourself. I hope one day are lives collide so I can share that nice dream I had of you in heaven. Listen I hope your day is going well. And I hope you winning those audition tryouts. Can't wait to see what movie your going to be in next. Well listen my lovely friend you take care until the next time we chat I wish you and thank you for being the only person on this planet to have such an impact on my life. No one has every been about to do that. I think I may need to take art classes or learn how to use animation software so I can paint that picture of you as a heavenly angel that I had in my dreams. You take care I wish you well.

Hi My Lovely Friend Judah Lewis,

Sweetie I know that your birthday is coming up on May 22, and you'll be 16 I was wondering if their was anyway I can just send you a Birthday Card. And NO I am not stalking you or trying to do any of that crap. I just wanted to send you this card so I can tell you about this Dream I had of you being in Heaven as an Angel. You can ask me anything trust me I am a loyal devoted fan and I like you a l tremendously a lot maybe more.. And of all the ppl in my life your the only whom have has this impact on me. especially since your also the only whom I ever had a dream about. If you have no address of where i can send you this birthday card. Then I can make certain to at least send you a birthday wish or something like that. You take care my adorable lovely friend I hope your having a terrific day. Also good luck on your next audition So sorry you didn't get selected for the Spider reboot.Your Great and I care about you a lot honestly !


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