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David Topp


Date of Birth
1 December 1992, Asheville, North Carolina, USA


Mini Biography
David Topp is an award-winning American actor and filmmaker. He has a love of all aspects of film and likes working behind the camera as much as in front of it. In 2012, he co-founded his own production company, Topp Scot Productions.

In May of 2014, he won Best Actor at the prestigious Young Artist Awards in Hollywood California for his dual lead roles in his companies' first production, The Box (2013) The Box went on to win a Telly Award for Excellence and to air world wide on the Shorts HD TV Channel; a stellar success for a first film. The second film from his company Topp Scot Productions, which he co-wrote, produced and starred in, entitled Quitter (2014) also won a Telly for Outstanding accomplishment in Health and Wellness and the third, Sangria Lift (2015) is surpassing them both in winning awards.

Coming from a line of performers, films have been his biggest passion from a very young age.

His professional "break" came in the Hallmark Channel movie, The Shunning (2011), directed by Michael Landon Jr. as Daniel Fisher, the love interest to Danielle Panabaker for which he gained a loyal fan following. Immediately afterward followed a nice role in a successful ION Channel Television movie, Mandie and the Forgotten Christmas (2011) in which he also played the love interest to Mandie, the lead character. He has also worked with names such as Michael Madsen, Tom Sizemore , and most recently received accolades for his dramatic role as the grandson to Michael Gross in the multi award-winning film, Our Father (2014)

In acting, his biggest inspirations are Robert Redford, Russell Crowe and Will Smith.

He is a young Renaissance man of many diverse talents and abilities. He grew up outdoors, camping, hiking, climbing, riding dirt bikes, shooting guns, bows & arrows and riding horses. Before his acting career, he apprenticed to be a blacksmith and worked shoeing horses.

He excelled in martial arts and was once a Junior Instructor. He's proficient with many weapons and stage combat, his favorite being sword fighting. He's an expert horseman and survivalist, having learned to live off the land among bears, much in the style of National Geographics' Casey Anderson When he's not working, the wilderness calls him and it's camping there, alone with his dog, hiking and climbing, that he feels the most connected and at home.

Being an only child raised in a somewhat isolated, often harsh mountain environment by a single mother gave him plenty of time alone for self reflection and philosophy, as well as a heart and passion for those less fortunate. Animals have often been his best friends. He loves swimming and canoeing and anything that keeps him in or on the water. He embraces his Scottish heritage. He loves to cook. He loves art and music from all genres with a passion for indie, alternative music and likes to play his guitar.

  • Has 2 rescue dogs, a Husky/Wolf mix named Rumi, a Border Collie/Lab mix named Bella and a 1 horse, a bay Quarter Horse, named Shadow, that he rode in his film, The Box.
  • For two years, he competed in a charity endurance ride that benefited therapeutic horseback riding for adults and children with disabilities.
  • As a youth, he excelled in martial arts and weapons classes and at 10 years old, competed in the Battle of Atlanta.
  • In 2012, he became partners in Topp Scot Productions and has been working behind the camera when he's not in front of it, writing, producing and being an assistant director.
  • He loves to cook, has always been intrigued with the culinary arts and is a proficient crepe chef.
  • Because of his love of the Indiana Jones films as a boy, he became very proficient with the bull whip.
  • He loves target shooting as a sport but because of his love for animals, he doesn't hunt.
  • He used to be a Junior Martial Arts Instructor.
  • He grew up in a small community where Andie MacDowell and Gladys Knight were neighbors.
  • Before he began his acting career, he apprenticed to be a blacksmith and worked shoeing horses.
  • In May of 2014, won a Best Actor award at the Young Artist Awards in Hollywood, long referred to the "Oscars for Young People".
  • He won an "Award of Recognition For Lead Actor" award from the Best Shorts Competition for his leading role as "Michael" in Sangria Lift (2015).

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