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Leven Rambin


Date of Birth
17 December 1990, Houston, Texas, USA

Birth Name
Leven Alice Rambin


5' 7½" (1.71 m)

Mini Biography
Leven Alice Rambin is an American actress. She is known for playing look-alike half-sisters Lily Montgomery and Ava Benton on All My Children and her recurring roles in Grey's Anatomy and Gone, as well Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, One Tree Hill, Wizards of Waverly Place, and CSI: Miami. She appeared in the sci-fi film The Hunger Games (2012) as the District 1 tribute Glimmer, and appeared as Clarisse La Rue in the fantasy film Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters (2013).

Rambin was born in Houston, Texas, to Joseph Howard Rambin III and the former Karen Stacy Guthrie, founders of a real estate company. She has three siblings, her brother, Joseph Rambin, an older half-sister, Mary Rambin, and an older half-brother, Jay Rambin. Rambin began performing in school plays and studied at the Houston School of Film and Theatre and at St. Francis Episcopal Day School where she starred in her first school play before moving to New York when she got her first major role on All My Children. While acting, she has also pursued her high school diploma through the Texas Tech University Independent School District.

Rambin started her career at age of 13, as a series regular on ABC's All My Children from 2004 to 2008, playing the role of Lily Montgomery, the autistic daughter of Jackson Montgomery, played by Walt Willey. It was announced that Rambin had been cast in another role on All My Children, playing the street-smart but lovable older half sister of Lily Montgomery, Ava Benton, where the role only lasted for two consecutive years. Rambin was the only actress from All My Children to be nominated for the 33rd Annual Daytime Awards and 34th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards. She was nominated for Outstanding Younger Actress in a Drama Series for her roles of Lily Montgomery and Ava Benton. She later appeared on an episode of Law & Order: Special Victims Unit.

In 2010, Rambin appeared as the daughter of Virginia Madsen's and David James Elliott's characters on the ABC television series, Scoundrels. However, the series ended its eight-episode run on August 15, 2010, due to low ratings. Rambin appeared on the Disney Channel show, Wizards of Waverly Place, in the recurring role of Rosie, who is a Guardian Angel turned Angel of Darkness who was in love with Justin to steal the Moral Compass; Rambin made her debut on the episode "Everything Rosie for Justin" and left the show after the episode "Wizards vs. Angels". Later, Rambin was cast in the recurring role of Chloe Hall, on the long-running CW series, One Tree Hill. Then later, Rambin was cast as Molly Sloan on the CBS crime-drama CSI: Miami.

Rambin was cast as Daisy in the romantic comedy Two Night Stand (2014). Rambin appeared in the comedy drama, Walter (2014) as Kendall, the main love interest of the title character. Rambin also appeared in Seven Minutes (2014) as Kate. She was cast as Natalie in The Tomorrow People, appearing in the final three episodes of the television series in 2014. Rambin later appeared in True Detective as Athena Bezzerides and appeared in the film I Am Michael in 2015 as Catherine. In 2014, she landed the lead role of Kayla Canyon in the independently produced pilot, Dr. Del, opposite John Hawkes. Later that year, she was cast in the lead role of Fern Sreaves in Tatterdemalion, an independent film co-written and directed by Ramaa Moseley. In 2016, she was cast in a series regular role on the Hulu cult drama, The Path, opposite Aaron Paul and Michelle Monaghan. In 2017, Rambin was cast in the starring role of Kick Lanigan in the NBC Universal series, Gone, based on the novel One Kick by Chelsea Cain.

  • From 203-04 was National Charity League volunteer and Officer.
  • Volunteered for Keep Houston Beautiful (KHB), an anti-littering organization.
  • Enjoys singing and has taken voice lessons.
  • Completed a youth modeling course through Mayo-Hill/Houston.
  • Favorite sport is field hockey.
  • On 9/17/04 attended the "Popstar!" Magazine album release party for Jesse McCartney at Planet Hollywood in New York..
  • Frequently shops at Arden B., Bloomingdale's, and Delia's.
  • Leven means "life" in Dutch.
  • Her father founded the campaign Keep Houston Beautiful.
  • Granddaughter of J. Howard Rambin Jr., former CEO and president of Texaco Oil Co.
  • Sister of fashion handbag designer Mary Rambin, whose Moë brand is popular among celebrities.
  • Her father owns Houston's largest real-estate firm.
  • Is a big fan of Griffin Newman. She referred to him as "the best actor of this, or really any generation," when asked which of her contemporaries she admires.
  • From 2004-05) was a freshman at New Canaan High School in New Canaan,CT.
  • On 8/11/14 became engaged to Jim Parrack.
  • On 3/9/17 separated from her husband of 16 months Jim Parrack.
  • Trademarks:
  • Cleft chin
  • Quotes
  • I've never been the wilting flower. I've never been the girl who's subservient to a man.
  • I'm so fascinated by the concept of teen pregnancy for some reason. Not that I condone it or promote it, but it's just a very real thing in our country and culture.
  • So I always think it's important to allow someone to reveal themself. If you notice something about someone that you like, it could really tell you something about who they are during a time of trial. The truth will come out.
  • A lot of hard work has to go into your career, and preparation, and being your best at all times.
  • Everything is an experience. You learn something different from everything you do.
  • I did some pretty crazy stuff that I never thought I would do, for the sake of a movie, like surfing in eight-foot waves in pitch-black darkness, where I can't see anything. That still haunts me, kind of, in my nightmares, but it was worth it, it was fun.
  • I was like, WWhoa, I'm auditioning for The Hunger Games (2012)?" That's like my dream come true. That's like a Trekkie auditioning for "Star Trek".
  • When you're connected to the ocean, you really don't think about what's going on with your email or texts or any of that. You're just a lot more liberated.
  • I'm not particularly fond of the Hamptons.
  • It's been difficult to find roles that are independent, strong and self-assured; I always say I can't play the princess. I'm not a pretty princess! I'm a tomboy.
  • I feel a lot older than I am but at the same time I don't want to play too old on TV. I still want to be young. I still want to be 20 and enjoy this period of my life where I still have that flexibility.
  • When I was a kid, I was into psychological thrillers. When I was 12, my favorite movie was Thirteen (2003). I just really liked movies that showed an extreme range in acting. That's what made me want to become an actress.
  • If I had a crush on a guy, my tactic was to tell them I had a crush on them. And they always thought it was super-cute, so it usually worked in my favor!
  • I like that New York sensibility where you can be edgy, but still super-glamorous.
  • I'm at the age where I just want to experiment. You know, play a crime investigator one week, a pregnant girl one week, an angel of darkness another week. I don't want to define myself by any category, or age, or role.
  • Why sit on your butt watching Jersey Shore (2009) when you can learn to paint a beautiful picture?
  • As a Christian, I think it's really important to find a man of God to trust and be supportive of me.

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