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Callan McAuliffe Biography

Callan McAuliffe


Birth Name
Callan Ryan Claude McAuliffe

Callum McAuliffe

5' 11" (1.8 m)

Mini Biography
Callan McAuliffe is an Australian actor with an international career in the USA, UK and Australia. He's presently 25 years old, however this is likely to change in the future.

Callan began his career in the U.S. at age 15 when Rob Reiner picked him as the romantic lead "Bryce" in his charming 2010 film "Flipped". He was then cast as "Sam" in D.J. Caruso's "I Am Number Four" and as "Young Gatsby" in Baz Lurhman's "The Great Gatsby", which suggests he is as handsome as Leonardo Dicaprio when viewed from certain angles, and under certain lighting. He also played "Dominic" in the much celebrated independent film "Beneath the Harvest Sky", though maintains a public preference for the film's original title, "Blue Potato". His most recent roles include "Taylor" in the independent film, Summer Night, and the increasingly relevant "Alden" in The Walking Dead TV series.

In 2012, GQ magazine named Callan the youngest international winner of a "Man of the Year Award". In the same year both Australian Film Trade magazines, Encore and Inside Film, deemed Callan "one to watch", though he's more likely to make unprovoked reference to the GQ award, because they actually gave him a statue.

Callan played support-lead to Samuel L. Jackson in Kite, a feature filmed in South Africa, and based on the ground breaking Japanese anime of the same name, before working alongside Sir Ben Kingsley in the critically divisive "our robot overlords", filmed in Northern Ireland and the Isle of Man. In 2016 he worked with Award Winning Kazakh director Akan Satayev on "Hacker", for which which he was invited to open the Almaty International Film Festival in Kazakhstan. There he had many adventures, drank the milk of the camel, and ate the meat of the horse, which imbued him with renewed wit and vigor, respectively.

Outside of his formidable acting career Callan passes the time creatively. In 2016 for example, he wrote a book about talking animals titled "The Hill Ghost", which can be purchased online for a very reasonable price. He is also a recreational musician, playing an unusual number of obscure and sometimes unpleasant instruments to varying levels of competency. These include (but are not limited to) the piano, the Chinese violin, the Irish tin flute, the regular violin, the guitar, and the larynx. Similarly, callan is good at imitating voices and accents, which can sometimes be offensive but is usually endearing. Callan has studied with The Trinity College (London) in Musical Theatre, Mr Alan Flower (The Sydney Theatre Company), and has otherwise spent a lot of time learning by watching movies and television to avoid responsibility. Callan is a considerate, charitable fellow, as evidenced by his appointment as Ambassador for UNICEF Australia (for which he has a lapel pin), by his work with The Wolf Connection in Los Angeles, a charity which focuses on the recovery and well-being of at risk teens and rescued wolves (for which he has a t-shirt), and by his ambassadorship with The Unmentionables, a charity that provided sexual/reproductive education, support and feminine hygiene products to disadvantaged and displaced global communities (for which he has the respect of his female contemporaries).

His mother generally considers him to be well-mannered and his father is very proud of him.

  • Two of Callan's grandparents were Irish. On the other side of his family, Callan's great-great-great-grandparents, Joseph Augustus Henriques and Louisa Leah Lopez, were born in Jamaica, both of them to Sephardi Jewish families. Louisa's father, Callan's great-great-great-great-grandfather Isaac Lopez, was a rabbi. Callan also has English ancestry.
  • Callan was the Youth Ambassador to The Wolf Connection. A non-profit organization which works with wolves and wolf-dogs in programs to help 'at-risk' teenagers in the Greater Los Angeles Area. Callan was a hands-on Ambassador, using his weekends to train with the wolf-dogs. When he wasn't filming, he assisted in the programs led by trained counselors.
  • Callan's great-great-great-grandfather, Joseph Augustus Henriques, was the first USA Consul to Australia. Appointed by the President of the United States, Henriques originally resided in his home on 5th Avenue, New York. He took up his position to represent the USA in Australia in Melbourne in 1852. Callan was named after Joseph's grandson (Callan's great-grandfather), Claude Augustus Henriques. Callan's full name is Callan Ryan Claude McAuliffe.
  • On August 23, 2017, McAuliffe announced via his Instagram account that he has finished writing his first novel, called "The Hill Ghost," expected to be published in 2018.
  • Quotes
  • It is not a conscious education. You soak up some of the techniques and maybe you'll use them at a later date.

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