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Ed Westwick Biography

Ed Westwick


Date of Birth
27 December 1987, Stevenage, Hertfordshire, England, UK

Birth Name
Edward Westwick

5' 11" (1.8 m)

  • Was the leader singer of the British rock band The Filthy Youth.
  • The youngest of three brothers, Westwick is the son of Carole, an educational psychologist, and Peter, a lecturer in business studies.
  • Cited American Psycho (2000) as one of his favorite films, having frequently watched it with his Gossip Girl (2007) co-star Chace Crawford.
  • During an interview with Radio 1 he said that his favorite movies are The Dark Knight (2008) and The Godfather: Part II (1974).
  • Was the face of the 2011/2012 campaign for the Philippine clothing brand Penshoppe.
  • Modeled his Gossip Girl (2007) character (Chuck Bass)'s American accent after the character Carlton Banks from The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air (1990).
  • Is left-handed.
  • Resides in Los Angeles, California.
  • Was in a relationship with actress and former Gossip Girl (2007) co-star Jessica Szohr from December of 2008 until April of 2010. He was also in a relationship with actress and model Jessica Serfaty from May 2017 until the fall of 2018.
  • Quotes
  • My brother Will was more of a devil. Though I was easily led astray.
  • But there are a lot more differences than similarities between Chuck and me. When I was 17, I had certain characteristics of Chuck's, but obviously the context was different. I didn't come from the Upper East Side and I didn't have the same desires. Oh, and I didn't have a string of lovers. I'm a good boy.
  • I'm not into sceney spots, so we hang out in people's apartments. I'm only 20. And I'd rather be known for my career rather than my whereabouts. To be respected as an actor it doesn't help to be seen out in the clubs.
  • The whole buzz of the city turns me on. I'm a night time kind of guy, so I love going out. I always sense potential in the night - especially during the summer. When the sun's out the girls put on nice dresses. It's like London in the summertime: there's all this energy that's been laying under the earth for eight months of the year that's just been bubbling and cooking until finally it comes out with the sun.
  • I've always connected with music. Life's not always what you see; it's what going on in your head. Music is what comes out of your subconscious.
  • My brother and I had a band, Fangs of fury, for about five minutes (when he was 6 years old), I just sat and watched him. So we were a two-men band, with one man doing something.
  • Music is my release.
  • I'm a showman. I wouldn't say I'm a rock star, though...All right, in my dream world, I am.
  • They want Chuck, not me. Chicks dig a bad boy. (on why does he think women are attracted to him).
  • Shaving every day. (on what's annoying about being on Gossip Girl).
  • I'm not a player. (on rumors he's a womanizer, like his character Chuck Bass).
  • I like the glamorous indie rock look, like the Libertines. But you know, without the heroin needle sticking out of my arm. (on his fashion sense).
  • I'm childish at times, passionate, a little crazy, I guess. And I pride myself on being one of the last romantics. (on his dating style at 21).
  • My weakness is the neck - when girls get too close to my neck, crazy things start to happen.
  • This is my trademark: I rip my T-shirt. I'm into the whole showing-a-bit-of-chest-hair thing.
  • [on his chemistry with Leighton Meester] I'm madly in love with Leighton, so that's what helps on my behalf, maybe so much that she doesn't even have to be in love with me. I love enough, she's mine. I'm incredibly close with her, she's a lovely girl.
  • Gossip Girl (2007) is based on a woman who spreads gossip on the internet, so I guess the concept of the show is stretching out into real life. People chop and change in their relationships. Life imitates art and art imitates life.

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