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Noah Hathaway Biography

Noah Hathaway


Date of Birth
13 December 1971, Los Angeles, California, USA

Birth Name
Noah Leslie Hathaway

5' 5¼" (1.66 m)

Mini Biography
Noah Hathaway was born on November 13, 1971, to Judy and Robert Hathaway. He is one-quarter Mohican on his father's side. Noah started his way to stardom in commercials (in which he began to appear at age three). In 1978, he landed the role of Boxey on the cult Sci-Fi show, Battlestar Galactica (1978). Later that year, he played the role of Atreyu in The NeverEnding Story (1984) and the lead as Harry Potter Jr. in Troll (1986). He taught advanced jazz and street dance in his late teens until an injury forced him to quit at 18. Afterwards, he studied Muay Thai boxing and then fought as an amateur. Noah then stayed out of the limelight until 1992 for the drama To Die, to Sleep (1994).

Prior to moving back to LA in 1998, he lived in New York for two and a half years. In his spare time, he tries to get out to the track at Willow Springs, California, to race in Super Sport motorcycle racing. He has tended bar at several LA clubs and has several tattoos. He holds black belts in Tang Soo Do and Shotokan, and is currently learning American Kenpo from Dr Jerry Erickson, and he also helps him teach "a close-quarter combat-training course for flight attendants and pilots for the airlines."

  • Noah and his father, writer/acting instructor Robert Hathaway, appeared in Battlestar Galactica (1978) and Troll (1986) together.
  • He was a Junior Lifeguard as a teenager.
  • Has a tattooed wedding ring and his wife has one, too. He stated that he would never do it again if he had known what pain it caused.
  • Worked as a bartender in several Los Angeles clubs.
  • Victory Records artist Atreyu derived their name from the character he played in The Neverending Story.
  • The band Atreyu named itself after his character in The NeverEnding Story (1984).
  • Working on opening his own motorcycle shop, "5150 Choppers" in Miami. [September 2003]
  • Owns and works at Wild Child Tattoo with his wife. [July 2009]
  • Was considered for the role of "David McCall" in the movie Fear (1996).
  • Speaks French fluently.
  • Quotes
  • We had a showing of Battlestar in LA last week. I walked out the door and there were 50 people. I signed a ton of autographs. Other actors walked away without signing. These are the fans. I guess it depends. on who you are.
  • With Harley, you build it, then you've got to take it apart.
  • Well, TV series tie you up. You can't do films while you're doing a TV series.
  • It's a little weird exchanging pictures for money. You know what I mean. It makes me a little uncomfortable.
  • I'm not a huge drama person. I think I liked them more when I was younger.
  • I'm an action fanatic.
  • I'm a martial arts buff, so anything martial arts.
  • I'd rather do a lot of movies than a TV series and do a lot of different roles than be stuck in one TV thing.
  • I'd have to say the whole experience in making The Neverending Story. I had an incredible time.
  • I would like any type of character that I could be creative with and totally delve into.
  • I don't want to sit and cry for an hour in a movie. I'd rather have an action or a comedy.

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